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born on 09/04/1964 in Joigny (89)
06 26 11 58 82

Higher National Diploma of Plastic Expression
Obtained in 2021 with the congratulations of the jury
Rating of 30 out of 30
(National School of Fine Arts of Lyon)

Affiliated to the Maison des Artistes since 01/01/2001
Siret number: 441 469 777 00020

Exhibitions, interventions, workshops and conferences.



January – New Poems – Thin Editions (Paris)

February/March - Creation residency in Beausoleil (Alpes-Maritimes)

April - Conference Stories of Trees and Neurons with Dr Alice Guyon (CNRS/Nice Côte-d'Azur University) Media Library of Menton

May – installation of the Lycée de la Montagne Valdeblore (Alpes-Maritimes)

June/October - Conference and creation of an Elafonisos-eco work (Greece)

September – Exhibition The refectory ENSBA Lyon

Conference Transmit put in trance Colloquium Art, Science and Thought - Château de Mouans-Sartoux (Alpes-Maritimes)

October – Publication: The anti-poem as poetic material in its own right – Delta Editions (Japan) – translation: Sunano Haï.

December – Collective exhibition: Open page for unknown poetry – Kamakura (Japan)


January/April - Lycée de la Montagne Valdeblore residence.

June/August – Solo exhibition Galerie Ravaisou in Bandol.

June/October – Monumental outdoor installation - City of Bandol.

June/September – Annecy Paysage 2020 – monumental installation in Annecy.

July/October – The Desire of Trees – Domaine Bunan – Bandol.

October – Histoires d'arbres et de Neurones conference with Dr. Alice Guyon (CNRS/Nice Côte-d'Azur University) at the Bunan estate.


March – workshop (Sup. de Web Nice) Installation Parc Phoenix Arena - Clim'act – Nice.

July/November – Bis repetita placent - Collective exhibition at the concrete art center of Mouans-Sartoux.

September – Colloquium Art, digital man, brain – Duo conference with Dr. Alice Guyon, neurobiologist, Director of research at the CNRS.


February – Narrative Transitions – story - Voice editions.

June - Era of time – interdisciplinary colloquium (University of Nice/CNRS) three installations, Château de Valrose, one installation at the Théâtre National de Nice.

July/August – Installations – La Roque d'Antheron Festival.

October - Nuit Blanche 2018 – St-Merry Church in Paris.



March/September - Creation residency, college of Montauroux.

July/September - Poetic vibration - Biennale Intern. of Visual Poetry of Ille-su-Têt.
September/October – collective exhibition – Center d'Art La Falaise in Cotignac.
October – Collective exhibition in Kamakura - Japan.



January/February – Formally unpublished – personal exhibition – Meyer gallery in Marseille. 
March – Frequency of appearance within the framework of the Printemps des Poètes - Collective exhibition Médiathèque de Perpignan.
May/September – Installation – ARTerritoire # 6 in Athis-Val de Rouvre.
June/October – Installation – Bords de Vire Festival # 3.
July/September – Installations – Public art event MAP # 5 in Cerbère.
September/October – Interior/Exterior collective exhibition – Usine Utopik in Tessy/Vire.
October – Collective exhibition – K-Box in Kamakura - Japan.



Sept./December – I'm afraid, I'm hurting – collective exhibition – Galerie Vivoequidem in Paris.

November - Digital at minimum  - collection (visual poetry) at Éditions K'A.
November - Chromatic capture of Cimendef's zavan
  - magazine Invece - Editions Al Dante.

October – Performance I Am  - The "hundred years of Garage 103"  in Nice (rue Defly) -

Sept. – Poetic intervention N'être finale  - Les Insurrections Poétiques # 2 at Cerbère Production Shandynamiques.

September - I was there before you (Villa Le Roc Fleuri) in Cap d'Ail - Monumental installation.

No-made production.

July/Sept. - Frequency of appearance - Biennale Intern. of Visual Poetry of Ille-su-Têt.

March/May - Taking to the heights – 3 monumental installations in the village of Peillon.



November - Residence at the Atelier-Refuge, Sentier Des Lauzes, Ardèche.

June/August - Eventer - Monumental installation – at La Roche d'Oëtre. Production: Arterritory.

June/September - No memory of death, no death of memory – Commemorative installation (1944 2014) - Abbagio Benedicta Bosio (Italy).

June/September - From tree to tree - Monumental installations at the Château du Rouet.

May - After the storm - personal exhibition – Beddington Fine Art in Bargemon.

January - Abused object- collective exhibition - London.



June/November - Take the Tangent – Monumental installation at the Domaine du Rayol, Mediterranean garden.

July - Installation of a work at the Arboretum in Roure.

July/September – not being final- Biennale intern. of visual poetry from Ille-sur-Têt.



March - Realization of a monumental work for the Beddington garden in Bargemon.

May - online writing.



January/March - Olivia Rolin Gallery in Saint-Tropez.

February/ March - The forest that hides in the tree that hides in the forest - Media library of Sainte-Maxime.

March - Collective exhibition – Muséaav in Nice.

May/September - The Metamorphoses of the Labyrinth – collective exhibition - Arteum Museum of Contemporary Art in Châteauneuf-Le-Rouge.

October - Collective exhibition Abbey of San Remiggio (Italy).


January/April - A Capella – Sculptures and installations - Chapelle Saint-Jean and Freinet Heritage Conservatory.

March/May - Le fil rouge – Residence at the IME in Salernes.

June - Installation – Base'Art cultural sponsorship in Fréjus.


September - Modulations of growth at the departmental domain of La Roche Jagu.

August - Creation and installation of a work: Do not let yourself be defeated – Festival d'Uzeste + duet with Bernard Lubat for organ, synthesizer, voice, gouges and chainsaw.

July/September – Residence and personal exhibition at Coat Malouen Abbey.

June - Installation – Base'Art cultural patronage Fréjus.

May - Installation – Almost nothing – Cabasse (83).


November - Arte Ecologico/Pasion y esperanza – group exhibition Caja de Arte in Buenos Aires.

June/July - Installation of a monumental work – Parc du château de Barras in Fox-Amphoux. Production: Sabine Puget Gallery.

April/May - The metamorphoses of the labyrinth - monumental installation at La Madrague, peninsula of Giens.

April - collective exhibition: Verde es bueno at the Arenalles 1415 Gallerynight in Buenos Aires.

March/April - Geometria organica – collective exhibition at the Carla Rey gallery in Buenos Aires.

January/February - Buenos Aires (Argentina) barreda/devande - Residence


October - screening of the film Continuum. Palace of Tokyo in Paris. As part of the FIAC cinema operation.

July/September - Metamorphoses of plants collective exhibition (2 monumental installations) at Fox-Amphoux. Production: Sabine Puget gallery.

May/June - Residency and exhibition at the Arbre de Vie gallery, Château de Blacons.


September/November - Kair Kamiyama exhibition residency – Shikoku Island - Japan.

June - Visibly - personal exhibition at the Le Garage gallery in Lorgues.

February/August - made/range/hue/texture – Editions du Center d'art de l'Yonne.



August - The Charm of… Departmental estate of La Roche Jagu.

July - The Charm of… Departmental domain of Chamarande.

June/August - Zones - solo exhibition – Passages contemporary art center in Troyes .

June/October - Imperturbably Visual - personal exhibition at Notre Dame de Quincy Abbey - Yonne Art Center.

June/October - Voies Navigables - installation in the port of Tanlay – Production: Center d'art de l'Yonne/Voies Navigables de France.

June/October - History of trees - group exhibition; Regional Center for Contemporary Art – Château du Tremblay.



September - D'évidence - Ohneszene Festival at the Voûtes in Paris. Acoustic Space Layout: Sound Behaviors.

August/September - Realization of a video “Continuum” production: CAC Passages.

August - Creation and installation of a Savine-Le-Lac work. Production: CCAS EDF/GDF.

July - Scenographic creation. Compagnie l'Imparfait – Maison du off in Avignon.

July - Creation and installation of a work Ajaccio. Production: CCAS EDF/GDF.

June -  40 hours/40 years in Port Sains Louis du Rhône. Production: CCAS EDF/GDF.

April - Residence, CCAS EDF/GDF creation grant in Anglade.



August -  Sharing the Alder at Larodde.

August - Creation and installation of a work in Latouille-Lentillac.

July - Creation and installation of a work on the island of Barthelasse, Festival Off d'Avignon.

July - Creation and installation of a work in Gourdon.

June - Installation of a work at the National Estate of St Cloud. Production: Hors Sol gallery.

January – Residency at the Crogny forest high school.


November - Geumgang Nature Art Project - Collective exhibition in Geumgang (South Korea).

September - Creation and installation of a work – Symposium Chemin faire, at the Pré St Gervais - Paris. Production: ZOO Collective.

June/November - Creation and installation of a work at the Center d'Art de Verderonne.

May - The boy of photography - Scenographic intervention - direction: Maria Cristina Mastrangeli - Compagnie Octogone - France, Switzerland, Italy.

April/July - Par le repos du Feu - Contemporary circus in collaboration with N'Guyen Lân.

February - Collective exhibition - Zoo gallery in Strasbourg.


July - Creation and installation of a work – Le Vent des Forêts symposium in Lahaymeix.

May - Creation and installation of a work in the St Philibert chapel in Quimper.

April/May - Creation and installation of a work in Haltinne (Belgium).

March – Residency at the agricultural college of Rethel.

Releases and publications




May Day Haltinne (personal catalog) - Belgium

Le Vent des Forêts Landscape Art Trail (catalogue) – Meuse


The exhibition of Geumgang Nature Art Project – (Collective catalogue) Nature Environment and Human Being Through Art – GeumGang – South Korea.


Small Notebook n°13 “Daniel Van de Velde, Imperturbably Visual” Center d'art de l'Yonne.

Realization of the Continuuum video - Editions Passages Numériques.

Tree Stories (catalog) - CAC Château du Tremblay.


KAIR 2006 - (catalog) Kamiyama - Japan

Imperturbably visual zones (personal catalog) - Editions du Center d'Art Passages.

Tessiture – Hue – Texture (publication) Center d'Art de l'Yonne.



Metamorphoses of Plants (catalogue) Galerie Sabine Puget.



Geometria organica gallery Carla Rey Buenos Aires.



Base'Art 2009 (catalog)

32nd Hestejada de las Arts – (catalogue) Uzeste Festival.



Base'Art 2010 (catalog)



The labyrinth or the wandering of the gaze (catalogue) Arteum Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Forest that hides in the tree that hides in the forest that hides - publication, media library of Sainte-Maxime.

Narrative Transitions (excerpt)



The Uncertain Oscillations of Time Scales (excerpts) story. Art and Anarchy Magazine N°3 

She says (excerpt) –


LandArt - Art and Landscape in the Mediterranean Garden (catalogue) – Domaine du Rayol.



Nei Luoghi della memoria (catalogue) Abbey contemporary art Benedicta 2014

ARTerritoire – current art trail in Suisse Normande. Editions Vaertigo.



The grafted Hand (excerpts)

Flux no-made A journey of contemporary art (catalogue) in the heart of the Pays des Paillons.

Minimal digital chromatic poetry collection Editions K'A.

Vou 43 (international review for new poetry) Japan.

Preface to the catalog of the 2nd biennale of visual poetry of Ille-sur-Têt - Editions K'A.

Cimendef magazine Invece N°3. Editions Al Dante.



creation and writing of the first issue of the review NUIRe (textual art and visual poetry) Editions K'A.

Bords de Vire Festival (catalog)

Vou 44 (international review for new poetry) Japan.

We've all been there. Visual poetry in the Cerbère station (Search catalog and so on) Cerbère Public art event # 5 – Shandynamics Editions.


No-made and the arboretum – Collective publication (book)

Poetic Vibration - Revue Teste N°29.

Mundimago - Book Imago mundi Visual Poetry in Europe – Luciano Benetton Foundation Italy.

New Poems (excerpt) Revue L'Etincelle N°7 – Editions Les Presses du Midi.

Reading grids – online digital poetry -


Narrative Transitions (narrative) VOIXeditions

You advance in the time of the artist - Afterword to the book Geography of the Book - Richard Meier editions.

I am (poem) Revue L'Etincelle N°8 – Editions Les Presses du Midi.

Poetic Vibration - Revue Teste N°30.


Time in front of you (article )Revue Jimis – proceedings of the symposium L'Ere du Temps -Nice Sophia-Antipolis.


New Poems (Paris)

DNSEP dissertation (Lyon – ENSBA)

The anti-poem as poetic material in its own right – Editions Delta (Japan)

Numérique à minima 
Éditions K'A - 2015

Les Transitions Narratives
Voix Editions Richard Meier - 2018

Nouveaux Poèmes
Editions Minces - 2021

Zones Imperturbablement visuelles
Coédition Centre d'art de l'Yonne/Centre d'art Passages - 2005

Visual Poetry in Europe
Luciano Benetton Foundation
Editions Fabrica (Italie) 2015

Luciano Benetton Collection - 2015

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